Selected by Google For Startups Accelerator: AI First in Berlin

In an exciting development that will shake the foundations of the entertainment industry, Quantic Brains, the innovative Spanish startup, has been selected to participate in the prestigious Google For Startups Accelerator: AI First program in Berlin. This milestone represents a crucial step in formalizing the company's bold vision: the creation of almost fully automated movies, series, and video games within five years, significantly reducing human intervention in the creative process.

The future of audiovisual creation: beyond imagination

Quantic Brains not only aspires to transform the entertainment industry but also has a clear vision of why this will happen in just five years. According to the company's founders, advances in artificial intelligence have reached a point where it is possible to automate every stage of traditional film, series, and video game production processes. This includes scriptwriting, character and scene design, animation, and much more.

When each of these processes is 100% automated, you get a product created entirely by a machine. However, Quantic Brains does not consider this to be a total replacement for human creativity but rather an interactive collaboration between creators and AI to accelerate content production.

This vision will not only impact industry professionals but also enthusiasts and amateurs who will be able to participate in audiovisual content creation in a more accessible and cost-effective way. What once required months of work and highly qualified teams can now be done from the comfort of one's home in a matter of minutes and at significantly reduced costs.

The revolution impacting the animation and video game industry

Quantic Brains' proposal has caught the attention of animation studios and video game producers, who see the startup's technology as a solution that can radically change the way they operate. The key to their success lies in the company's ability to modularize its technology into standalone solutions, giving customers the flexibility to choose which aspects of their production process they want to optimize.

In addition to efficiency, Quantic Brains offers customers the opportunity to reduce production costs by up to 60% and accelerate project delivery times by 90%. This combination of efficiency and time savings has generated significant interest in the industry and has led studios and producers to choose Quantic Brains as a strategic ally in their quest to improve the quality and efficiency of their productions.

Google For Startups Accelerator: AI First - A leap into the future

Quantic Brains' inclusion in the Google For Startups Accelerator: AI First program is a key step in accelerating its vision and technology. Over 10 weeks, the startup will have access to the best tools, expert mentoring, technical training, and strategic support from Google. This will not only strengthen their ability to innovate in the AI industry but also provide them with significant recognition as a leader in the convergence of human creativity and artificial intelligence.

In addition to collaborating with Google, Quantic Brains hopes to attract investors and customers who see their project not only as a future promise but as a reality that is already transforming the way audiovisual content is created. The Spanish startup is on the path to revolutionizing creative processes and democratizing content creation for everyone, from professionals to enthusiasts and amateurs.

In conclusion, Quantic Brains is leading the revolution in audiovisual content creation driven by artificial intelligence and collaboration between creators. Their participation in the Google For Startups Accelerator: AI First program is a significant milestone on their journey toward a future where the creation of movies, series, and video games is more accessible, efficient, and exciting than ever. The next decade promises an exciting journey toward a world where human creativity and artificial intelligence come together to redefine the entertainment industry.

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